Blanc Noir

Blanc Noir is monochromatic sportswear at its finest. Hailing from Hong Kong, Blanc Noir creates functional gear with big city appeal and little room for mediocrity. When it comes to right or wrong, the truth is not always black and white. In our books, however, Blanc Noir is always right.


Blanc Noir Sportswear

Colour isn't all it's cracked up to be and Blanc Noir's design team proves it. Using almost an exclusively monochromatic palette, Blanc Noir whips up captivating on-trend sportswear in a variety of high fashion styles. The result? First-class fabrics, abundant texture, high-end hardware, and unusual lines. With almost 25 years in the industry, Blanc Noir engineers perfect climate control using lightweight fabrics. We love the brand's emphasis on versatility and boldness. You won't find your technicolour dream coat here but Blanc Noir is anything but dull. Plus, our Blanc Noir edit is a frequent flyer's dream. What doesn't pair perfectly with black and white? Exactly.