VUORI: The Luxury Athletic Brand You Need to Know

Words by Isobel Coughlan

VUORI's history started on the sunny shores of California in 2015. Effortlessly combining the West Coast aesthetic with technical, athletic clothing, the brand is the obvious choice for those who want to fuse fashion with function.

VUORI has a strong look. Founder Joe Kudla took inspiration for the brand's signature style from the aspirational beach community of Encinitas, CA, where the company is headquartered. The community is active and creative and full of inspiration, and this firm ethos is reflected in the apparel's overall style.

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If you haven't caught a glimpse of VUORI before now, there's a reason for that. The brand is not widely available here in the UK or Europe. In recent years, it has made the journey across the pond but can only be purchased at high-end retailers in specific locations.

Here at The Sports Edit, we have the VUORI UK store, stocking the fresh activewear collection. Stay tuned — here's everything you need to know about the brand.

What is special about VUORI clothing?

Think buttery soft fabric, high-performance athletic apparel, technical fabrics, and vibrant colours. That’s what you can expect from the VUORI clothing line.

Vuori Clothing
Vuori Clothing

VUORI is well-known for its unique fabrics that guarantee a comfortable sports experience. These include:

  • BreatheInterlock — A breathable compression fabric with a lightweight feel and moisture-wicking properties.
  • VersaLife — A high-performance stretch knit. This is moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and anti-odor.
  • DreamKnit — A comfortable brushed jersey with moisture-wicking and four-way stretch.
  • VCycled — A versatile and adventure-ready material crafted from plastic bottles and other recycled materials.
  • BlissBlend — A superior stretch fabric with a weightless feel.
  • DuraTerra — Made from 98% organic cotton, DuraTerra provides two-way stretch and a lightweight yet durable feel.
  • V1 Uplift — A genius fabric that lifts and holds with a four-way stretch.

In a sea of loud, logo-laden sports clothing, this brand subtly stands out for all the right reasons. The comparatively paired-down approach means these pieces are ideal for the gym, sports, and leisure wear. We’re talking about muted tones, pastels, and slick designs. Keep reading to discover more.

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VUORI BreatheInterlock

VUORI’s BreathInterlock collection elevates your workouts. With a lightweight feel, moisture-wicking abilities, compression support, and breathability, BreatheInterlock is by your side for yoga, hiking, and HIIT workouts.

Here are some of the top BreatheInterlock picks:

1. VUORI Daily Legging

If you’re looking for VUORI leggings, the Daily Legging should be on your radar. This stylish pair features a high-rise fit, cropped 7/8 length, and an adjustable drawcord waist. Pair these features with a choice of five modern colours, and you have a recipe for success.

2. VUORI Daily Bra

If you’re having trouble finding a high-quality sports bra, look no further. The daily bra from VUORI is exactly what it says on the tin. This is a bra you can wear every day — should you so choose to — and have the comfort and support you need to do your business. It's hard to go wrong with this particular sports piece, featuring a scoop neck, removable cups for full customisation, and the beautiful BreatheInterlock fabric.

3. VUORI Daily Crop

Another essential from the Daily collection, the Daily Crop, uses the BreatheInterlock fabric to boost performance. This cute crop comes in green, white, and black and offers a scoop back and neckline for a fashionable finish.

But this crop isn’t only for style. It also has medium support, removable cups, and sweat-wicking properties. Perfect to pair with joggers or your VUORI Daily Leggings.

VUORI DreamKnit

The DreamKnit fabric provides stretch and softness all in one. Here are the highlights from the VUORI clothing collection — including the iconic VUORI performance joggers.

1. Halo Essential Tank

The VUORI Halo Essential Tank is a DreamKnit icon. Designed for comfort with four-way stretch and a scoop neck and back, this stylish basic works well as loungewear, a casual tank, or for light workouts.

2. Halo Slim Flares

If you’re looking for VUORI Daily Wide Leggings, consider the Halo Slim Flares before you buy. These DreamKnit flares offer four-way stretch, moisture-wicking support and an effortlessly cool silhouette. Ideal for brunch, yoga, walking, and going to the gym.

3. DreamKnit VUORI Joggers

When we talk about DreamKnit, we can’t ignore the VUORI joggers!

The VUORI Boyfriend Jogger provides out of this world comfort, thanks to the DreamKnit fabric, a 7/8 cropped style, and a mid-rise design. These also offer an elastic waistband and side pockets to ensure you’re able to feel comfortable wherever you go.

The VUORI Performance Jogger is another must-try pick. This style is available in more colours, including Blue-Quartz-Heather and Lake. This VUORI apparel design has a mid-rise drawcord finish, an elastic waistband, stash pockets, and a full-length leg.

VUORI DuraTerra

The DuraTerra fabric is designed for all types of adventure. With 98% organic cotton and two-way stretch, DuraTerra is perfect for workouts and everyday activities. Here are the top picks:

1. Ripstop Pant

Soon to be a VUORI UK favourite, the Ripstop Pant blends comfort and luxury. All wearers can achieve a perfect fit with a mid-rise design, elastic waistband, and drawcord. This design also features zip pockets, mesh accents, and two-way stretch. The Ripstop Pant is your BFF whether hiking or going to the cafe.

VUORI Shorts

Next on our whistle-stop tour of VUORI is their shorts collection. VUORI shorts are here for all workouts and for the summer weather. Find your match below.

1. VUORI Clementine 4” Short

Complete your summer activewear collection with the VUORI Clementine 4” Short. Unlike tight cycling shorts, the Clementine Short offers a loose style and a high-waisted finish for the ultimate confidence boost.

These shorts also offer quick-drying, anti-odor, and reflective fabric technologies to keep you comfortable and safe while working out. They even have a front stash pocket. What more could your workouts need?

2. VUORI Clean Elevation Shorty

Do you prefer snug cycling shorts? If you’re a fan of this stellar trend, add the VUORI Clean Elevation Shorty to your list.

With a super high-waisted finish, four-way stretch, and front stash pocket, these shorts are technically designed for unrestricted movement and a flattering look. These shorts also have moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties to support you as you move. Nice.

VUORI Tanks & Tops

Ready to top-up your top collection? Allow VUORI to help. Here are the most popular tanks and tops from the Californian brand.

1. VUORI Sunrise High Neck Tank

Meet the perfect tank for all activities. The VUORI Sunrise High Neck Tank has a high-neck racerback style that looks chic and provides ease of movement. This tank won't get in your way whether you’re running or attempting crow pose.

The tank is made from a stretchy rib fabric that wicks moisture to keep you cool and dry as you move. A VUORI London must for 2024.

2. VUORI Elevation Square Neck Tank

Another VUORI top to consider is the Elevation Square Tank, which can be worn for working out and as a day and night top. With a timeless square neck style, premium stretch knit fabric, and a medium-support built-in bra, this tank is for those who don’t want to sacrifice style while getting active.

Vuori Clothing


What are the most popular VUORI styles?

While the VUORI joggers are the flagship pieces from the brand, it doesn’t start and end there. It’s also worth taking a peek at the classically-styled VUORI shorts and the selection of sportswear tops. The famous daily crop is a particular favourite offering sweat-wicking and a sleek look. The light-support built-in bra gives you all that you need.

VUORI clothing has been a whirlwind success, with many celebrities adopting it as a wardrobe staple. So far, we’ve seen the likes of Harry Styles, Anna Kendrick, and Ben Affleck donning the activewear in public. With that in mind, if you’re looking for a way to quickly upgrade your everyday style and make it look easy, you need look no further.

Is VUORI good value and affordable?

Next, let’s discuss the cost of VUORI clothing. It’s a premium brand, and so the price tag will reflect that. But is it worth it? The short answer is yes.

The high quality you can expect from this activewear line speaks for itself. You’ve got extremely technical fabrics, which have been created to support your workouts as a starting point. That’s before you even get into the undeniable cool aesthetic of the brand. Plus, the clothes are sustainable. A win-win!

Is VUORI sustainable?

Sustainability is at the core of the VUORI ethos. According to Good On You, the brand already boasts a carbon-neutral status and is geared toward the mantra of being “happier on a healthy planet”. The company uses eco-friendly materials, which means it has a low environmental impact.

Put simply, the company is not using high levels of chemicals, water, and wastewater when producing its high-quality activewear products.

Does VUORI use ethical manufacturing?

Yes! Committed to a healthy working environment, VUORI ensures that the same standards reach from its headquarters all the way down the supply line. The brand ensures that all vendors adhere to its Vendor Code of Conduct, which is based on the International Labor Organization’s list of core labour standards.

When it comes to choosing the right factories and vendors to partner up with, the company officials are highly-selective. Since the business is growing — and rapidly, we might add! — there is soon to be a higher demand when it comes to creating activewear. Luckily, the founders have pledged to ensure that their partners always follow their standards.

Vuori Clothing

The lowdown on VUORI clothing

VUORI clothing has just hit the UK, after becoming a massive success in the US. We’re not surprised that this is one of the hottest new activewear brands of the year. Sporting a wide selection of adaptable pieces that suit almost any occasion, there’s certain to be something for your wardrobe. If you’re searching for a new luxury line, you’ve found it.

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