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    Athletes love them, amateurs love them, we love them. On Running wasn’t lying when it said it wanted to start a running revolution with its super-light running trainers that provide exceptional cushioning with none of the extra weight you might expect.

    As one of the fastest growing trainer brands in the world, On Running has already gained a loyal following for its impressive combination of fashion and function since its inception in 2010, with every On Cloud trainers update more cushiony than the last.

    Designed to adapt to your stride, On Running women’s trainers such as the On Cloudsurfer adjust as your foot hits the floor for a comfortable landing and hard push off. Want to know more? Read our On Running Review.
    On Running shoes are premium running trainers with a distinctive, modern design. Enter the signature feature of On Running shoes, their patented CloudTec cushioning technology. This technology involves the use of individual pods, or "clouds," on the sole of the shoes. These clouds are designed to provide both cushioning and a responsive feel, so as your foot strikes the ground, the clouds collapse and cushion the impact, then quickly rebound to provide an energetic push-off. This balance between cushioning and responsiveness aims to create an oh-so comfortable yet dynamic running experience for professionals and fun-runners alike.

    On Running offers a variety of shoe models designed for different types of runners and activities. Shop today on The Sports Edit for On road running shoes, trail running trainers, and general fitness training footwear.

    Don't be mistaken though - On Cloud trainers are versatile and have become more of an all-day wear shoe, whether you're running errands or running 5k's. On Running women's shoes are now for individuals seeking stylish and comfortable everyday footwear. Plus, with the modern designs you won’t be desperate to kick off as soon as you step through the door.
    On Running Cloud 5
    The On Cloud 5 shoes are the most street styled, a blend of style and performance. Its speed lace system makes it easy to slip on and off, and it is ideal for an everyday shoe. Perfect for shorter runs or casual walks around town. The Cloud 5 is an On Running fan favourite for all day, re-engineered with an updated silhouette. New materials with 44% recycled content and tech features like breathable antimicrobial mesh and taped reinforcements provide an improved fit and even more comfort.

    On Running Cloud X
    The On Running Cloud X is an evolution of the Cloud, with a more intensive performance focus, and is geared towards runners who also want a shoe that can do proper distance, but is also versatile and supportive enough to be used for gym and weight sessions. These are ideal for runners who want to actively mix their workouts. Running or training, with a sole & upper designed to move with you in all directions. Read our full review here.

    On Running Cloudflow
    The Cloudflow is a highly responsive performance shoe and is used by growing numbers of world leading triathletes and Iron Man competitors. The Cloudflow 3.0 is designed to give the runner more feedback. This is On’s distance racer offering, with just enough cushioning, but incredibly lightweight and fast for those who want to chase that PB.

    On Cloudswift
    The Cloud elements in the rear of On Cloudswift are designed to collapse outwards for a softer landing, however when you reach the forefoot it is closed off so storing more energy for the final toe off. The result is a more cushioned shoe, but it is still an active, engaged ride. Whilst On doesn’t make conventional stability shoes, the Cloudswift has a higher arch, so it does offer enough support for those wanting a bit more stabilising of the mid-foot. The Cloudswift is excellent for long distance runners.

    On Cloudflyer
    The On Cloudflyer is stability-focused, combining the brand's signature CloudTec cushioning with added support for a lightweight but controlled running experience. This is the one for you if you're looking for footwear with a little extra support, but are still lightweight. The Cloudflyer in particular is ideal for overpronators.

    On Cloudstratus
    Designed for road runners seeking optimal cushioning, the On Cloudstratus features a double CloudTec sole that reduces muscle soreness, as demonstrated in an independent study by Progressive Sports Technologies at Loughborough University. With an innovative nylon Speedboard and Helion™ superfoam midsole, the Cloudstratus enhances forward propulsion while providing a soft landing and energetic take-offs, contributing to improved performance.

    On Cloudmonster
    The On Cloudmonster - as the name suggests, it brings together On's largest Cloud elements with an ultra-powerful Speedboard®, creating a truly monstrous road-running experience. The outcome? Incredibly plush landings coupled with unparalleled rebound, delivering an astonishing level of energy return. Tailored for runners in pursuit of substantial cushioning and maximum energy efficiency. Want to know more? Read our Cloudmonster review.

    On Cloudrunner
    Designed for stability-seeking runners, the On Cloudrunner offers a cushioned and supportive running experience with a distinctive comfort feel, empowering you to extend your distances with assurance. Boasting a 9mm heel-to-toe drop, it stands as one of On's weightier releases, making it less suited for race scenarios. In comparison to the Cloudflyer, another supportive and cushioned model by On, the Cloudrunner exhibits a touch more responsiveness while maintaining strong support, albeit with a slightly lighter cushioning, handling longer-distance runs better.

    On Cloudsurfer
    Tailored to meet the needs of runners seeking a versatile option for training and running, the Cloudsurfer introduces a fresh CloudTec design, excluding the Speedboard. Through Finite Element Analysis, On has engineered an ideal midsole, ensuring a seamless weight shift from heel to toe. Termed CloudTec Phase™, this innovation orchestrates a synchronised collapse of computer-generated Clouds upon foot impact, yielding superior cushioning and a seamlessly softer transition from heel to toe. Always looking for next best thing? Learn more about the Cloudsurfer here.

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