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A S’well bottle is THE most fashionable way to stay hydrated. These stylish, reusable bottles have serious eco credentials, as they promise to keep your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot all day long.


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  • nutrition

    How to be vegan and maintain fitness performance

    Words by Joshua Clark, Exercise Science Expert and founder of METHOD I have to admit to being a bit of a muscle geek… I was a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, thought Gold's Gym in Venice Beach was my spiritual home and could eat chicken breasts for Africa! So when...

  • style

    Urban Activewear: Top city trends for 2017

    The activewear trend may be a global phenomenon, but every city has its own distinct iteration. From the golden shores of LA, to the streets of New York and London, we’ve pulled together our favourite brands from these stylish cities. Seamless simplicity with a touch of urban class is how...

  • nutrition

    Golden Rules of Post-Workout Nutrition

    Words by Linia Patel One of my mantras as a Sports Dietitian is that “you don’t get fitter during training, you get fitter after”.  This is because the physiological changes from training happen mainly post-exercise. So if you’re thinking about rewarding yourself after a hard cycle or run with a...






The Sports Edit – The World's Finest Sportswear

The Sports Edit is the UK’s leading destination for fashion-forward activewear, offering a carefully curated selection of the most stylish, innovative sportswear from across the world. Our 40+  activewear brands range from exciting US brands such as Alo Yoga, Michi and S'well, to global brands such as Adidas and Under Armour.

We specialise in running, training, yoga and Pilates. Each of our brands are carefully chosen for their unique style, attitude and strength. This isn’t just about fashion. Our mission is to create and inspire a community of people who are passionate about sport, style and wellness.





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