10 of the Best Studios on Classpass in London


Classpass is the world’s leading multi-studio fitness membership. This membership-based app allows you to discover classes near you and reserve a spot immediately.

Classpass offers a huge variety of studio classes, from yoga and Pilates to boxing and spinning. You can even use your Classpass ‘credits’ for swimming pools and beauty treatments too.

Best classpass studios in london


UK cities currently signed up to the Classpass scheme include London, Manchester and Bristol.

Classpass is also available in many cities worldwide, including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Melbourne and Sydney - just to name a few (you can see the full list of global cities included here).


Once you have a Classpass membership, you can change your ‘home’ city as often as you like for no extra cost and use your credits as you would normally. This makes Classpass an exciting and versatile choice if you like to keep fit while you travel.


The price of membership will vary depending on your ‘home’ city and your plan. Each different membership option entitles you to a certain number of credits per week.

To give you a gauge of what you can get for your credits, the average cost of a class in London in 2019 is 8 credits. However this can fluctuate widely depending on the type of class and how popular it is.

The current weekly membership options for London are as follows:

  • 15 trial credits = Free
  • This offer is only valid for your first week with Classpass. 15 credits will get you 1-2 classes in your trial week

  • 25 monthly credits = £8.10 per week
  • This will get you 2-3 classes per month

  • 50 monthly credits = £15 per week
  • This will get you 5-7 classes per month

  • 100 monthly credits = £28.90 per week
  • This will get you 10-15 classes per month

    Best fitness studios on classpass in London


    This is the fitness membership that will revolutionise the way you workout and enjoy exercise in the best possible way. Once you take on the world of Classpass, you’ll be hooked.

    Here at The Sports Edit, we’re long standing advocates of Classpass. The variety of studios on board keeps our fitness routines exciting and fresh, while the sheer volume of classes means we can always find something fun and flexible to fit around our work and social life.

    So when we’re invariably asked by our community whether Classpass is worth it, it’s a unanimous yes. If your city is signed up and you like doing studio classes at least once a week, then this is the membership for you.

    So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our Classpass recommendations below and get moving!


    Want to train with a friend?

    Use the nifty filters to search for classes with 2 or 3 spaces available.

    On the move?

    Use the filters to work out what studios are available near you at a specific moment in time. And if you’re travelling to a city abroad, it’s worth seeing if they’re on Classpass to.

    Need to shower after class?

    Most Classpass studios do have showers and other amenities for getting ready, such as lockers, shampoo, conditioner, hairdryers and towels. However if you definitely need to have a shower at the studio it is worth double checking that they have them.

    You can refine your search based on what amenities the studio has by using the app’s search filters.

    Mix it up!

    Try anything (at least) once! It's great to have your regular class where you build a rapport with the instructor and see week-on-week progress, but it's important to push yourself out of your comfort zone too.

    Book into a completely different type of studio or class once in a while - not only is a great way to challenge both your body and mind, but it also might become your new favourite thing.

    Run out of credits?

    Buying a few extra credits to squeeze in an additional class at the end of the month can sometimes be cheaper than purchasing a class direct from the studio.

    Can’t make the class?

    Then make sure to cancel your booking more than 12 hours before the class begins, to avoid a £12 late cancellation fee. If you happen to miss the class completely without cancelling your booking at any stage, then you will be charged a £15 missed class fee.

    Best yoga studios classpass chroma


    With so many incredible studios on offer, the choice can sometimes be overwhelming! Fortunately between us all at The Sports Edit we’ve tried our fair share of Classpass studios.

    Here’s our top 10 Classpass Studios in London, as voted for by The Sports Edit team.


    BEST CLASS: Blue or Red

    FAVOURITE INSTRUCTOR: Sorcha Finch-Murray and Letty Mitchell

    “When it comes to yoga I prefer a strong, sweaty class, and Chroma Yoga’s red (power) and blue (dynamic) classes offer just that. The instructors are incredible in helping you visualise your practice and develop your technique.

    Plus the multi-sensory approach of using light and sound therapy throughout the class makes Chroma a truly holistic experience”

    - Amie Trewin Hutt, Marketing Manager at The Sports Edit


    BEST CLASS: Dharma Yoga


    "If mastering handstand, headstand, forearmstand or even chin(!)stand sounds intriguing to you, Dharma Yoga with Emi Tull at Triyoga's Chelsea studio is definitely the place to go.

    While respecting and understanding that each yogi is practicing at different levels, Emi will help you excel your inversions. Although not a hot yoga class, expect to quickly feel the heat and sweat.

    Starting and finishing each class with a close-to-magical chanting session, Emi offers a truly amazing class that I never want to miss"

    - Susie Larsen, Ecommerce Executive at The Sports Edit


    BEST CLASS: Power Basics


    Lumi Yoga is an absolute gem, and in my opinion the best yoga studio in London. It is friendly, with a strong community and lovely welcoming atmosphere. It is hard to describe, but there is just something special about the place.

    People who practise there universally love it, and they keep going back, so there are lots of regulars. Classes are challenging, both with the 38°C heat and focus on power yoga, leaving you physically exhausted, but also calm and relaxed afterwards.

    Natalie Smikle teaches a tough, dynamic vinyasa flow class, but always does so with a smile, bringing humour to the practise”

    - Nick Paulson-Ellis, Founder & CEO at The Sports Edit

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    BEST CLASS: Rebounding


    Frame always brings the fun factor to their classes and Rebounding is no exception. Expect banging playlists and fun routines as you bounce, leap and sprint your way through this class on the mini trampoline.

    This class is great for improving your cardio in a low impact way that avoids pressure on your joints. It’s also helps to detoxify your lymphatic system, due to the muscle vibrations caused by the bouncing.

    The Friday night class in Shoreditch is a particular favourite (if you like house music and plenty of sweat!). Either way you’re guaranteed to leave on a serotonin high"

    - Amie Trewin Hutt, Marketing Manager at The Sports Edit

    Best spinning studios on classpass in London - 1rebel


    BEST CLASS: Ride


    "With so many spin classes to choose from in London, finding your class can take time and a lot of sweat. My absolute favourite class is Ride at 1Rebel Victoria.

    The epic atmosphere that comes with working out in a room alongside 79 other people plus a lightshow and insane audio is hard to beat in my opinion.

    I never miss Jono's morning classes which are guaranteed to set me up for the day ahead thanks to his amazing playlists, technique tips and just the right amount of inspirational words to get you feeling energised and motivated"

    - Sara Davis, Ecommerce Manager at The Sports Edit

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    BEST CLASS: Strength


    "If you're a cardio junkie like so many of us, you may be neglecting strength training which is so key for building muscle to support your body for running that PB as well as being an effective fat burner.

    BLOK's Strength class is a fast paced weights class focusing on a range of strengthening and toning exercises - think deadlifts, squats, press ups to help make you stronger, fitter and leaner.

    Keith at the Blok's Shoreditch studio ensures everyone keeps up to the pace and energy while ensuring form is on point to prevent injury"

    - Sara Davis, Ecommerce Manager at The Sports Edit




    "The HIIT class at Ministry of Sound Fitness ticks all the boxes for a kickass class: it's a mean, sweaty workout for all the cardio junkies, and true to the heritage of Ministry of Sound, the music is always on point.

    But my favourite part about Ministry of Sound Fitness is Izzy, one of their awesome instructors. She's a firecracker. During her classes, she is your biggest motivator, drill sergeant, and cheerleader all in one.

    I love taking her classes because she brings out the best in people. After class, I like to head to the bar and grab a hard-earned protein shake"

    - Michelle Welling, Marketing and PR Executive at The Sports Edit

    Best reformer pilates studios on classpass in London - lagree


    BEST CLASS: M3 Fusion Pilates


    “This Lagree class is essentially Reformer Pilates on steroids, there is nothing else quite like it in London. It’s a great way to rapidly improve your strength, endurance and flexibility on their infamous 'megaformer' in a low impact way.

    This high intensity/low impact approach is particularly great if (like me) you want to improve your strength but are prone to injuries”

    - Amie Trewin Hutt, Marketing Manager at The Sports Edit

    Find out more about Studio Lagree and other venues worth visiting in Amie's guide to the Top 8 Reformer Pilates Studios in London >


    BEST CLASS: Intermediate Reformer Pilates


    "The benefits of Reformer Pilates are widely applauded for recovery from injury, strengthening your core and toning and sculpting muscles. Dynamica Pilates is a new discovery for me in my local area and really delivers

    A no frills approach to reformer that focuses on technique to ensure everyone is getting the most out of their classes. Instructors are deeply knowledgeable and always on hand for advice on dealing with body niggles or how to improve.

    Georgia's Intermediate class is just the right amount of challenging without losing focus on form, the press up finisher is a killer that ensure you leave knowing you've had a workout!"

    - Sara Davis, Ecommerce Manager at The Sports Edit


    BEST CLASS: Classical Mat Pilates


    "It's the setting in which Pi Pilates is practised which does it for me. You arise out from a spiral staircase into this sun-lit, rooftop conservatory haven, it's glorious when the sun is shining as it feels so serene.

    The class is challenging, enjoyable and invigorating and works your whole body against gravity on the mat. Max is very welcoming to new starters (like I was) and his passion for pilates is contagious. It couldn't be a nicer way to kick off your day"

    - Katy Wilkinson, Buyer and Merchandiser at The Sports Edit

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