Women's 2XU

Australia's 2XU (Two Times You) sprinted onto the scene in 2005 and hasn't slowed down. They've mastered the science and art of elite compression gear and with 48 fabrics to their name, we think they're fulfilling their mission: advancing human performance. No big deal, right? What are *you* doing today?






2XU Womens Compression Tights

It's a first-class Australian clothing company, not a boy band (though they'd likely top those charts too.) Since launching in 2005, 2XU ("Two Times You") has become the elite compression brand for ambitious athletes worldwide. 2XU strives to accelerate performance and recovery, combining intelligent design with cutting-edge fabrics and construction. Their bestselling 2XU women's compression tights come in a range of seasonal colours so they're as on-trend as the rest of your wardrobe. Research backs up 2XU's excellence but even if the technology didn't do a thing, the I'm-practically-wearing-body-paint aesthetic would certainly make us run faster.


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