Tribe Nutrition

Reach your full potential with Tribe Nutrition. Nutritionally-formulated from energy-packed wholefoods and free from dairy, chemicals, emulsifiers and preservatives, this delicious range is made for performance and recovery.

Tribe Nutrition

Fuel your next workout with Tribe Nutrition. Formulated from wholefoods for energy and recovery, all of Tribe sports nutrition’s products are free from refined sugar, gluten, chemicals, preservatives and emulsifiers. From vegan protein powder to tasty Tribe energy bars packed with essential minerals and vitamins, their delicious range makes it easy to take your training to the next level. A brand that’s on a mission to create the most innovative, performance-enhancing nutrition using quality natural ingredients, Tribe Nutrition is a cupboard essential.

About Tribe Nutrition

Tribe is a brand that believes in the power of nature. The brand understands that for thousands of years, nature has supplied humans with everything we need to reach our full potential, so why not trust that it provides us with everything we need today? Intuitive and appealing, Tribe has built a solid community of passionate runners, cyclists and PTs off the back of this simple yet effective idea. First dreamed up by three friends on the deliriously-long, challenging Marathon de Sables (which features seven marathons across seven days) in 2013, Tribe Nutrition was born out of a need for cleaner, nutritionally-balanced sports nutrition. At the time, their only options were sugar-laden protein bars and preservative-packed snacks. As a result, Guy Hacking, Rob Martineau and Tom Stancliffe started making their own products from quality, raw whole foods. The company took off following a 1,000 mile run to fight against child trafficking and since, giving back has been central to the company.

Why we love it

If you believe that only the best nutrition can help you reach your peak performance, you’ll want to try Tribe Nutrition. Clean, gluten free, dairy free and formulated from 100% natural ingredients, their products provide natural energy that aids performance and boosts recovery. Vegan, aside from two energy bars that are made with honey, Tribe Nutrition makes it easy to find protein-packed snacks that meet your dietary requirements. They’re also perfect for those that are conscious of the hidden ingredients in their food, as Tribe refuses to use artificial emulsifiers and preservatives in its all-natural bars and protein powders.

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