HOKA Gaviota 5 Review: Stability Meets Softness

Stability running shoes have long been associated with rigid structures and sacrificing comfort for support. But HOKA is challenging this with the release of their latest innovation, the Gaviota 5. Building upon their renowned expertise in cushioning and performance, HOKA has reimagined the stability shoe, combining advanced technology with plush comfort to create a game-changing running experience.

Pulling from the praised cushioning of the Bondi and stability of the Arahi, the Gaviota is the best of both worlds. Let’s take a closer look at this breakout shoe.

See how it compares to another HOKA stability shoe, the Arahi 7, here.

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All about the Gaviota 5

For years, runners have relied on stability shoes to provide the necessary support for overpronation or supination. The Gaviota series from HOKA has been at the forefront of this category, known for its exceptional stability and cushioning. With the introduction of the Gaviota 5, HOKA has taken stability to new heights, incorporating cutting-edge features to redefine what a stability shoe can be.

What's New?

The Gaviota 5 has undergone some big refinements to enhance its performance and comfort relative to its predecessor. With a wider and more accommodating fit, the shoe ensures a secure and stable ride for all foot shapes. The introduction of the stabilising H-Frame™ technology, coupled with the softest foams ever used in a stability shoe, sets a new standard for support and cushioning. Key updates include:

  • Plush tongue and collar
  • Creel jacquard mesh upper
  • Soft EVA foam
  • Stabilizing H-Frame™ technology
  • Early stage MetaRocker™


The H-Frame™ Technology

At the heart of the Gaviota 5 lies the revolutionary H-Frame™ technology. Unlike traditional stability elements that rely on rigid materials, the H-Frame™ is designed to provide inherent stability through a dynamic framework. By strategically placing softer foams within the midsole, HOKA has achieved a delicate balance between support and cushioning, allowing runners to enjoy a smooth and natural ride without compromise.

Plush Construction and Enhanced Fit

One of the standout features of the Gaviota 5 is its plush construction and enhanced fit. The shoe boasts a creel jacquard mesh upper, which not only offers exceptional breathability but also conforms to the foot for a customised fit. Additionally, the ultra-plush collar and tongue provide a luxurious feel around the ankle, ensuring long-lasting comfort throughout the run.

Bondi-Level Cushioning and Early Stage MetaRocker™

Incorporating elements from HOKA's acclaimed Bondi series, the Gaviota 5 delivers unparalleled cushioning and a responsive ride. The soft EVA foam midsole provides maximum shock absorption, allowing runners to tackle even the toughest terrains with confidence.

Furthermore, the early stage MetaRocker™ technology enhances the shoe's propulsion, promoting a smooth transition from heel to toe and maximising energy return with every stride.


Specs at a Glance

  • Price: £150
  • Sizing and Fit: True to size with a snug medium fit; size up if in between
  • Weight: 251g (women's)
  • Drop: 6mm heel-to-toe
  • Stability: Full stability and support with H-Frame™ technology
  • Cushioning: Plush, supportive

Performance in Action: Real-World Testing

To put the Gaviota 5 to the test, HOKA asked runners of all levels to hit the roads and trails to experience its performance firsthand. From leisurely jogs to marathon training sessions, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Runners praised the shoe's stability and support, noting how it corrected their gait and reduced fatigue during long runs. Additionally, the plush cushioning received high marks for its ability to absorb impact and provide a comfortable ride mile after mile.

The Verdict

The HOKA Gaviota 5 represents a paradigm shift in the world of stability running shoes. By combining innovative technology with plush comfort, HOKA has created a shoe that redefines what it means to have stability without sacrificing performance. Whether you're a seasoned runner or new to the sport, the Gaviota 5 offers the perfect blend of support, cushioning, and comfort for an unparalleled running experience. Experience the revolution in stability running with the Gaviota 5 from HOKA.