Mens 2XU

2XU advances human performance by way of wickedly innovative compression technology. The Australian brand is responsible for some of the finest men's/women's compression gear on the market. Shimmy into 2XU and experience the circulatory benefits for yourself. Vegemite not included.



Since launching in 2005, first-class Australian clothing company 2XU ("Two Times You") has become the elite compression brand for ambitious athletes worldwide. 2XU is forever innovating and perfecting their clothing, harnessing circulatory benefits to boost performance and recovery. Each 2XU piece combines intelligent physiological design with cutting-edge performance fabrics and construction. And in case you were wondering, their bestselling 2XU compression tights now come in a wide range of seasonal colours. Their mission to advance human performance is easier said than done but based on their success, they're on the right track.


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