Reebok Floatzig 1 Review

Reebok returns to the limelight with one of its most innovative models, heralding the debut of what promises to be a legendary range: the Reebok Floatzig 1. A visually striking option in Reebok's lineup, the Floatzig 1, marks a significant step forward for Reebok in the category of running footwear. Positioned as a daily running and training shoe, the Floatzig 1 boasts exceptional comfort, stability, and outstanding value for runners of all levels.


Reebok's Floatzig 1 represents a bold leap in running shoe design, boasting the incorporation of the ZigTech technology in the brand's lineup for the very first time. With its distinctive maximalist midsole and cutting-edge ZigTech technology, expectations are sky-high regarding its performance and effectiveness.

Let's unpack the design and tech behind this shoe, and what it means for Reebok's (re)entry into running.

Reebok's Resurgence in Running

Reebok, a brand with a storied history in athletic footwear, has embarked on a journey to reassert its presence in the running shoe market. With a renewed focus on innovation and performance, the Floatzig 1 represents a pivotal moment in Reebok's ongoing evolution. Drawing on decades of expertise and a commitment to pushing boundaries, Reebok aims to capture the attention of runners seeking cutting-edge technology and superior comfort.

What Sets the Reebok Floatzig 1 Apart?

With one look at the Floatzig 1, you’ll know it’s like no other running shoe you’ve seen before. And the differences go beyond the surface. The Floatzig distinguishes itself as a running shoe designed to deliver optimal comfort and cushioning during runs. With its striking aesthetic and futuristic maximalist design, this trainer promises to offer some of the best cushioning and softness in both the Reebok lineup and the wider running market.

At the heart of the Floatzig 1 is its innovative cushioning system, featuring Reebok's renowned Float Ride foam, paired with an Energy Band rubber outsole and the revolutionary ZigTech geometry. This combination ensures a smooth and dynamic stride, offering runners superior comfort and stability with every step.

In terms of materials and construction, the Floatzig 1 is poised to be one of the most sophisticated offerings from Reebok yet. The ZigTech technology, which has already made waves with its bold aesthetic, is expected to deliver equally impressive performance on the track. With a total weight of 277 grams and a drop of 6 millimetres, this model strikes a balance between lightweight construction and maximalist philosophy, catering to runners who prioritise both comfort and performance.

Who is the Reebok Floatzig 1 For?

The Reebok Floatzig 1 is tailored to meet the needs of runners with medium to high body weight who seek shoes capable of absorbing the energy of each stride while minimising impact on their joints. Ideal for daily training at easy paces or light competitions, this model offers unparalleled comfort and stability, making it suitable for runners of all levels.

Designed for everyday running, the Floatzig 1 is suitable for medium and long distances, including marathons. Its superior cushioning and secure tread provide runners with the confidence to tackle any distance without sacrificing stability or comfort.

Simply put, the Reebok Floatzig 1 represents a running all-rounder to the brand's lineup, offering a go-to solution for runners seeking the ultimate in comfort and performance.


Embracing Reebok's Heritage of Excellence

As a brand with a rich history of athletic innovation, Reebok is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of performance footwear. With the Floatzig 1, Reebok continues its tradition of excellence, combining cutting-edge technology with unparalleled comfort to deliver a running shoe that meets the diverse needs of today's athletes.

The Verdict

With the introduction of the Floatzig 1, Reebok signals its renewed focus on the running market, reaffirming its commitment to providing runners with the tools they need to achieve their goals. As the brand continues to innovate and evolve, runners can expect even more groundbreaking designs and technologies from Reebok in the years to come.

What are you waiting for? Try this eye-catching runner now, and while you at it, check out our full Reebok range.