Black Lives Matter: A Movement not a Moment

kira west talks blm next steps

We started a revolution, now what? We move forward and focus on actionable next steps. Everyone is important and we all have a role to play in the revolution, probably better called an evolution. This isn’t a passing fad but the world changing around us, for the better.

Here are some actionable steps we can all take to continue the progress. Remember, the goal is truly progress and not perfection. It’s a journey!


We are at the core of this movement and we’ve got a crucial role in creating change for future generations. Here are a few things we can do:

Leverage Our Buying Power:

Let's support the businesses that genuinely support us. We’ve got trillions of dollars in buying power, we vote with our dollars and need to know who is behind the brands we love.

Strive for Financial Freedom:

We need to educate ourselves on financial tools not just for now but for the future. This will help us continue to have a seat at the table and leverage our buying power while creating generational wealth.

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Expand Our Horizons:

We should continue to seek education around our history as well as understand how we can make change. We have no other option but to continue to stand up for ourselves.

Support Each Other:

Collaboration should continue to be the goal instead of competition. There is space for all of us. We should be lifting each other up and finding ways to amplify the voices of each other.

Share Black Creativity & Joy:

Let’s continue to share the beauty and creativity within our community. We should seek examples of Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy to celebrate.

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You have seats at the table, use them to empower others and create change. Don’t just sit at the table, make space for new seats and new voices. Here are a few things you can do:

Amplify Black Voices:

This week-long social media initiative in the early weeks of June should not end. Continue to find ways to use your voice to amplify ours. Share our stories, share our content and most importantly give us credit. Find ways to include our voices in the conversations, decisions and plans moving forward.

Continue The Hard Work:

Studies have shown that new habits take even longer than 21 days to form, so stick with this for the long haul. We need allies not just now but for years to come. Ask yourself the hard questions around what you have been doing and can be doing to support. Start within and then have the conversations with those around you. Your friends and family are more likely to listen to your educated voice than the voice of a black person they’ve never met.


Continue to support the organisations you've given to during the Black Lives Matter movement. Look at your financial plan and ask yourself a few key questions. Can you afford a recurring donation? Does your company match donations? Can you volunteer your time or your unique skill set? There are so many ways in which your donation could multiply quickly and make an even greater impact. If you cannot donate money, donate your skills, your time or your energy.

BLM Donate


We’ve all got a role to play in the current evolution and there are steps we can all take within the United States to make change. Here are a few things everyone can do now:

Support Black Businesses:

We should all be supporting black businesses. There are so many incredible ones out there throughout all industries. A great place to start is,


If you are able to do so, now is the time. Voting gives us all a way to make an impact. We should all take the time to educate ourselves on who we want to represent us on a local and national level. The more we know, the more we can ensure elected officials are in line with our goals. It's so important for us to use our voices to make large scale change in America.

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Educate The Youth:

Young people of all races need to understand the importance of what is happening now and has been happening for many years. Young people today will be responsible for making change tomorrow so the more they know the better they can continue the movement.

Be Kind:

This is a lot to process so do not shame people for doing their work privately or at a different speed. Brands are responsible for making public statements but people are doing introspective work that takes time. Remember, the goal is real lasting change not just a post on social media.

Strive for Diversity & Inclusion:

There is power in numbers. We should all push back on brands, friends and anyone we can to ensure diversity as well as inclusion. We should continue to challenge people and brands to do better. As we all learn we can use our voices to educate others on what diversity and inclusion should look like. Ultimately we want to see new seats at the table with diverse perspectives in an environment that truly allows for all voices to be heard.

As we reflect on this time, we must all realise that the tough work is never comfortable and this is not supposed to be easy. This is worth our time as well as our energy because Black lives are valuable now and forever.

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