On Running's Journey to Sustainability

The innovative minds at On Running first disrupted a busy category with their CloudTec. Along the way, while they have had their ideas in the clouds their feet have been planted firmly on the ground taking steps toward more sustainabile practices.

Their commitment to a greener future extends beyond producing eco-friendly sneakers; it encompasses a holistic approach that touches on their products, culture, and impact. Join us as we delve into On Running's impressive mission to make the world a more sustainable place. You can also check out their Impact Report. And check out our Sustainability Hub for more notes.

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An Eco-Friendly Footprint: On Running's Sustainable Vision

At the heart of On Running's commitment to sustainability is a comprehensive mission divided into three core areas: People, Planet, and Responsible Manufacturing. Each aspect plays a vital role in shaping the company's sustainable journey.

Redefining Eco-Friendly Sportswear

On Running has set its sights on redefining what eco-friendly sportswear means. They've made significant strides in environmental sustainability, including using more recycled, organic, and petrol-free materials.

Notably, in 2022, they achieved a remarkable 85% recycled polyester, 94% organic, recycled, or petrol-free cotton, and 76% recycled polyamide. The company's ambitious goal is to reach 100% organic, recycled, or petrol-free materials by 2024.

It's not just about the materials; On Running is committed to reducing emissions and energy consumption. In 2022, they impressively reduced supply chain emissions by 12% compared to 2019. Additionally, over 90% of the electricity used to power their stores and offices was sourced from renewable energy. This illustrates their unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship.

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Our People: Diversity, Inclusion, and Right To Run

Diversity and inclusion are central tenets of On Running's culture. They're actively working to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable team by reviewing and revising their approach to hiring, retention, and overall culture. In 2022, their team comprised over 1,700 individuals from 79 different nationalities, and they have achieved gender pay equity.

But their commitment goes even further, extending to the global community through initiatives like "Right To Run." This social impact program supports community-based organizations dedicated to removing barriers to movement. In 2022, they reached an impressive milestone, supporting 60,000 community members worldwide, and their 2023 goals are set even higher.

Responsible Manufacturing: Beyond Shoes

On Running's dedication to responsible manufacturing extends from Vietnam to Portugal and beyond. They've audited 100% of their Tier 1 suppliers and provided them with training on labor laws, renewable energy procurement, and chemical management.

Their ongoing efforts include working towards auditing 80% of their strategic Tier 2 suppliers by the end of 2023. This commitment ensures that the impact of their manufacturing processes is not just eco-friendly but also respects human rights and creates a safe workplace.

The Innovative Cyclon Shoe: Beyond Traditional Ownership

While On Running's commitment to sustainability encompasses their entire product range, there's one groundbreaking innovation that deserves special attention - the Cyclon shoe. This unique offering goes beyond the traditional concept of owning a pair of shoes; it represents On Running's commitment to a circular and sustainable future.

1. Subscription-Only Model: A Paradigm Shift

The Cyclon shoe is exclusively available through On Running's Cyclon™ program. This unique subscription model ensures that the shoes always return to On Running.

By adopting this approach, they maintain control over the product's lifecycle, making recycling and reusing more efficient and sustainable. In essence, you may never own a Cyclon shoe, but you share in its environmental impact.

2. 100% Recyclable: A Shoe with a Circular Heart

The Cyclon shoe is designed to be 100% recyclable. Made from two base materials that can be recycled together, it showcases the beauty of circular design. Once these shoes have reached the end of their life, they can be ground, melted, and transformed into new shoes of the same type, all without the need for disassembly. This innovation sets a new standard for sustainable footwear.

3. Made from Castor Beans: A Renewable Source

The materials used in the Cyclon shoe are derived from castor beans, specifically PA11 and Pebax®. These polyamides are not only fully renewable but also recyclable into new shoe parts. This choice underscores On Running's commitment to sourcing materials that are not just eco-friendly but also sustainable.

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The Shoe You May Never Own, But Everyone Benefits From

The Cyclon shoe isn't just an innovative product; it's a symbol of a broader shift towards shared environmental responsibility. While you may never own one, its existence represents On Running's dedication to a circular and sustainable approach to business. It underscores the potential of circular business models and serves as a reminder that our choices, as consumers, can significantly impact the environment.


As On Running charges ahead on its sustainable journey, they are not just running a race; they're pioneering a path that others can follow to create a more eco-conscious world. With every stride they take, they bring us all closer to a greener future, reminding us that sustainability isn't just a goal, but a way of life. Check out our complete guide to On Running here.