7 Best Running Jackets for your Rotation

Words by Talia Hopkinson

Whether you’re determined to pick up running as a new hobby (and actually make it stick this time) or you already love hitting the track, finding the perfect running jacket can feel overwhelming.

From thick, insulated options to lightweight and compact, there are so many great jackets to choose from.

This is why we have created this insider guide to the best running jackets that you can add to your year round rotation.

This guide will take you through what to look for in running jackets and the key features of the best selling running jackets.

Keep scrolling to find out which ones made our list.

Running Jackets

Why the Right Running Jacket Is Key

If you’re new to running then you may not be aware of how much of a dramatic effect the right running jacket can have on your performance.

The main benefit of running jackets is that they help to regulate your temperature.

Running in cooler temperatures is often much more difficult, however, having an insulated running jacket can improve your experience. Similarly, having a moisture-wicking running jacket will keep you cool and dry in the summer months.

It’s also worth mentioning that when we look good, we feel good. Having that new running jacket ready and waiting can do wonders for your motivation, especially on wet, windy mornings.

What to Look for in Running Jackets

Before you jump right into the fun part (purchase your new running jacket), there are some aspects you should keep in mind.


The material you need to look out for will be dependent on where you do the most running or what time of year it is.

In hot climates, or during the warmer months, a lighter jacket with moisture-wicking fabric will be perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you’re picking up this hobby during the winter months, a thicker insulated jacket will help you to keep warm. You may also want to consider a waterproof jacket too.

Reflective Elements

If you like to run in the evenings or (very) early mornings, you should purchase a running jacket with reflective elements.

This will help you to remain safe as drivers will be able to see you even in low light conditions.


Feeling confident in your activewear shouldn't be overlooked. When you feel good about yourself it makes you so much more motivated to push for that extra mile.

Because of this, you’ll want to look for elements that flatter you the most. Running jackets often have fitted hemlines, hoods, and of course, cosy thumb holes. These little additions can make all the difference to how you feel when you head out on that run.

Best Running Jackets to Add to Your Rotation

Now you know what to look for, here are the best running jackets to add to your wardrobe.

Under Armour Train Cold Weather Jacket

This Under Armour running jacket is built to brave all of the elements.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this jacket, you’ll find a moisture-wicking fabric that helps you maintain your core temperature and a comfortable four-way stretch design.

The design itself is sleek and simple. The classic black colour will pair perfectly with all of your current activewear too.

Sweaty Betty Fast Lane Running Jacket

Sweaty Betty has been on the scene for a long time, but the brand’s popularity is only continuing to rise.

Their Fast Lane running jacket is a versatile design built to enhance airflow and create a flattering customisable fit.

The jacket also features slim sleeves, cosy thumb holes and additional discrete pockets.

It’s water-resistant, breathable and perfect for the warmer months of the year.

Sweaty Betty Fast Lane Running Jacket
Sweaty Betty Fast Lane Running Jacket


Goodmove Reflective Jacket

Goodmove and running go hand-in-hand, so it goes without saying that their Reflective Jacket is a continual best seller.

Ideal for those refreshing evening runs, this jacket has reflective elements along the sleeves and body, so you can feel safe and seen.

The jacket also has an easy zip feature so you can effortlessly warm up or cool down.

Under Armour UA Storm Insulated Jacket

Circling back to under armour for this insulated running jacket moment.

Perfect for cooler temperatures, this running jacket has breathable mesh, underarm panels and water-repellent technology to keep you dry in all types of weather conditions.

This jacket is known for its comfortable fit and hidden zip pockets which make this jacket both versatile and convenient.

Nike Storm-FIT Running Jacket

Could there really be a list of the best running jackets for women without mentioning Nike?

The Storm-FIT jacket is designed for anything from a casual jog with friends to an intense race.

This jacket has so much to offer. From a sleek neckline to an elasticated waist and cuffs, this jacket will blend seamlessly with your current activewear. Plus, it’s designed in a moisture-wicking fabric which is waterproof too.

Needless to say, it also has discrete pockets, so you can transition from the track straight into your day.

Nike Storm-FIT Running Jacket
Nike Storm-FIT Running Jacket


Adidas Run It Windbreaker

If you’re looking for a classic running jacket that never lets you down, the Adidas Run It Windbreaker should be your first choice.

Firstly, they have used their aero-ready technology which helps to keep you dry. It also has 360° reflectivity so you can run at whatever time of day you prefer.

Plus, the fit of this jacket is very flattering. It has an elasticated hem, hood, and a chic cropped look.

Goodmove Packable Jacket

Affordable, lightweight and compact, this sports jacket is perfect for any adventure.

Designed in a way to easily pack away, this is a great jacket if you enjoy running while travelling.

It has a zip through fastening, secure zip pockets and a lightweight design that you can throw on quickly and easily.

This is one of those jackets that you find yourself constantly gravitating towards, no matter how many other options you have.

Key Takeaways

Whether you love to tackle challenging trails or stick to the treadmill, running can be a completely exhilarating sport. Runner’s high is real. And if it takes an additional running jacket to help motivate you to pick up this healthy hobby, it’s worth the investment, right?

Just remember to keep in mind the type of material you need, whether reflective elements are essential and the fit of the jacket too.

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