Nike Pegasus 40 Review

40 Years of Pegasus

If you were born in the 80s, you may remember the very first Nike Pegasus, launched back in 1983. It was a grey running shoe, with the staple Nike swoosh on the side, in that typical American-high-school-track style. Over the years, as technology and science has advanced, Nike has tweaked and adapted the design of the Pegasus, and its popularity has only grown with it - in fact, it’s arguably one of the best value Nike shoes you can get at £118.50, and remains Nike’s best selling running shoe.

Since day one, the Pegasus has been the shoe for everyone, offering runners of all kinds a snug fit and a versatile, springy ride. And now, in 2023, we’re on Nike’s 40th edition. But just how different is the Pegasus 40 from the Pegasus 39?

Nike Pegasus 40 Running Shoes

What is the Pegasus good for?

The Nike Pegasus 40 is a great all-rounder trainer, which can be used for everything from Park Run to speed sessions to marathons. It’s a neutral shoe; firm yet responsive, with soft cushioning and breathable mesh. It isn’t an incredibly cushioned shoe - when we compare it to something like a Hoka or On Monster - so it would suit a runner who prefers a firmer ride. However, the two Zoom Air units (one in the forefoot and one in the heel), do help to create a springy sensation, and after a few runs, the sole does soften up a bit. It’s a good looking shoe too, and doesn’t have a huge rocker, which makes it great for those looking for a cross-training shoe to use in the gym as well… or as a lifestyle shoe.

"The Pegasus is just such a versatile shoe"

Athing Mu, 800m World Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist

Nike Pegasus 40 Running Shoes

What’s changed in the Pegasus 40?

The main difference in the Pegasus 40 compared to the 39, is in the way it supports your foot, with improved features in the sensitive areas - like your toes and arch - with a re-designed mid-foot band; you can definitely feel the slight raise in the sole, which hugs your arch, offering more support. In addition to this, Nike has also redesigned the upper with a single-layer of mesh, to improve breathability and airflow. According to Nike, the shoe still offers neutral support and is just as responsive, with the same air units, but it’s all around a more comfortable, improved shoe.

Key Pegasus 40 Updates

  • Increased foam around the collar for a better fit and comfortable ride
  • Re-designed mid-foot band for better arch support
  • A new, single-layer mesh to increase breathability and air flow in hot conditions
  • There’s a small, thin reflective stripe on the back of the heel

Nike Pegasus 40 Running Shoes

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