Yoga Towels


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    Yoga Towels

    You've got the outfit, you've got the mat, but have you tried a yoga towel? Created to help keep your hands and feet in place during yoga, a non slip towel works to absorb moisture, feels soft against skin and offers extra stability when posing – for faceplant-free practice. Available in serene shades and vibrant patterns, yoga mat towels are perfect for giving your mat a makeover and boosting all aspects of your practice.

    Designed to sit atop your favourite yoga mat, a yoga towel is the piece of kit you might have previously overlooked, until now. They're not purely aesthetic, (although, have you seen how great they look?) but offer extra cushioning and grip to sometimes-slippery mats.

    Made from high-performance materials, yoga grip towels expertly control moisture as your practice progresses, whilst providing an extra layer of comfort during floor poses. A non slip towel or yoga grip towel also boasts additional staying power, with some featuring small nibs on the underside to ensure a sturdy surface for you to balance upon. An excellent way to breathe new life into your yoga mat and protect it from regular use, these lightweight yoga towels will be a mainstay in your kit bag.