nutrition  |  29 / 12 / 2017

Should I go vegan?

  Words by Linia Patel To a carnivore, adopting a vegan diet of no meat, no fish, no dairy and no eggs, sounds like a dramatic step. However, more and more people are turning vegan or...

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There is an abundance of whey protein supplement products available. Not only can you buy protein powder in “bucket with a handle” form and protein bars or balls from gyms and health shops, but whey protein...

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Words by Linia Patel Gut bacteria has become big business in recent years. Not only are new 'gut-friendly' foods popping up on supermarket shelves and in trendy cafes; we are also hearing much more about the...

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Life in the city is always jam-packed, as we squeeze in early morning workouts before a busy day of work, often followed by late nights socialising with friends. While we're all for embracing the fast pace...

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nutrition  |  28 / 06 / 2017

Superfood or super hyped?

‘Superfood.’ This buzzword gets tossed around a lot. It started with the humble blueberry, and now we have so-called ‘superfoods’ popping up everywhere we look. From Matcha and Morninga to Cacao and Kombucha, many of the...

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Words by Joshua Clark, Exercise Science Expert and founder of METHOD I have to admit to being a bit of a muscle geek… I was a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, thought Gold's Gym in Venice...

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