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Food-Grown Vitamin B12 Plus

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Food-Grown Vitamin B12 Plus

It's essential that all vegan diets contain a reliable source of vitamin B12. This natural Vitamin B12 formula helps you feel energised, reduce tiredness and protects the nervous system and brain function.

Promotes energy and reduces fatigue: Supports the production of healthy red blood cells helping to keep us energised and focused, and to help the body recover quickly from fatigue.
Soothes and protects your nerves: Protects the nerves from damage, improving nerve health and communication for great mood, and helping us to feel less ÔfrazzledÕ from stress.
Optimises brain function: Research has shown Vitamin B12Õs importance for protecting cognition and memory Ð especially as the brain ages Ð and it is therefore a vital supplement to take early in life to protect for future years.
Supports a vegan diet: Vegan diets often lack Vitamin B12, so supplementation is therefore required to support the brain, mood and energy as well as the heart, fertility and immunity.

Dose: 1 capsule. Any time of day.
How to take it: With or without food. These nutrients are made from food, so you donÕt need to take them with a meal.

Mineral enhanced yeast providing Vitamin B12, Organic Beetroot powder, Heat treated brown rice powder, Vegetable cellulose (capsule shell).

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