The Gift Of Good Sleep

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The Gift Of Good Sleep

Enjoy the gift of good sleep this festive season. This exclusive, soothing set supports deeper, more restorative sleep and relaxation with a luxurious blend of three types of lavender, Cornish, Himalayan and Provencal. Apply this dreamy oil 30 minutes before bed, as you spray your pillow and candle glow before drifting off.

Cornish Lavender Recovery + Sleep Essential Oil Scent
Recovery + Sleep Pillow Spray
Recovery + Sleep Candle

The soothing scent calms the mind and creates an inspiring, comfortable atmosphere in which to celebrate and wind down for the night.

Recovery + Sleep Lavender Essential Oil:

Note: All the essential oil blends have been created for topical use on sensory points. These oils can also be used to scent your personal space by adding it to a diffuser or warm bath.

Recovery + Sleep Candle:

Total burn time of approximately 50 hours. Light the candle for at least 90 minutes until the burning is even.

Pillow spray:

Spray three times onto your pillow or pyjamas and wait 30 seconds until the scent settles.

Contains denatured alcohol and essential oils. Do not ingest or take internally. Do not spray near the face, eyes, children and pets. Should the spray come into contact with the eyes, rinse the area with water for several minutes. Keep away from hot surfaces, flames, candles and other heat sources.

English Lavender, French Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, Himalayan Lavender, English Peppermint, Melissa, Clary Sage, Rose Absolut, Dalmatian Sage, Myrrh

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