we are committed to creating a more sustainable future for activewear

At TSE we are committed to creating a more sustainable future for activewear, working with our brand partners and customers to drive positive change; identifying and promoting more sustainable brands, products, materials and practices. We have built a sustainability framework to help you make informed decisions about the eco-credentials of your purchase. Because knowledge is power.

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We are committed to offsetting shipping emissions that contribute to climate change. Since early 2021 we have started offsetting 100% of the climate impact of shipping orders to customers, up from offsetting 62% of the impact in 2020. This is done through Pachama, which supports high quality forest carbon projects to reduce emissions and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Pachama has protected a total of 1,553,460 hectares of forecast.

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Good things come in sustainable packaging. In April 2020, we launched our new paper packaging. Responsibly sourced from sustainable forests, our paper bags are now 100% compostable and recyclable, so you can dispose of them easily. Since swapping our packaging, we’ve saved more than 10,000 plastic bags from going out to our customers.

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Our office uses SSE Green which is a 100% renewable energy source generated by a mix of hydro-electric, offshore and onshore wind. Our data storage and the data servers that host our ecommerce platform run entirely on Google Cloud, which is carbon neutral, as Google matches 100% of the energy consumed with renewable energy.

How we evaluate brands

To help you make more informed decisions about your purchases, we have introduced a clear rating system for brands and products on sustainability and ethical metrics. We carefully evaluate each brand, taking into consideration their performance in three main areas: 1) Sustainable Materials, 2) Labour Welfare, and 3) Manufacturing. We believe transparency is important, so each brand must also ensure sustainability information is publicly available.

Brand Sustainability Ratings

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Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials

Discover game-changing brands that use recycled materials to clear up ocean plastic and combat waste that could otherwise end up in landfills. From Girlfriend Collective to adidas by Stella McCartney, all the items in our recycled activewear edit contain at least 70% recycled materials.

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Labour Welfare

Labour Welfare

To these brands, the people at every stage of the supply chain matter. They’re transparent about who makes their clothes and where, ensuring that everyone  involved in the manufacturing process works in a safe and fair environment.

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Discover game-changing brands that use recycled materials to clear up ocean plastic and combat waste