Superga has not garnered its reputation as the people’s shoe of Italy without reason. For over 100 years this iconic footwear brand has offered the perfect off-duty shoe, with effortless styles that take you from day-to-night in comfort. Pass the Aperol please...

Superga 2750 Sneakers

Channel low-maintenance Italian style with Superga. A company with over 100 years of history under its belt, it’s renowned for making quality rubber-sole plimsoles in a multitude of colourways and textures. Add a pair to your capsule wardrobe and run out for your classic Americano in style.

Where it all began:

Hailing from Turin, Italy, Walter Martiny first started producing Superga sneakers back in 1911. It’s Classic Superga 2750 balanced style and comfort, made from lightweight cotton canvas and a durable vulcanized rubber sole. After a brief closure during the war years, the company reopened with even more purpose. Soon, the 2750 Cotu Classic became a main-stay in stylish Italian’s wardrobes everywhere, its easy design pairing effortlessly with a range of outfits. Superga soon expanded into technical sports shoes, rubber rain boots and expanded its styles to encompass a range of textures and colours. Today, it’s appeal is recognised worldwide, its metallic finishes, fresh shades, flatforms seen on fashion editors, influencers and sneakerheads.

Why we love it:

Purveyors of quality, we know a staple style when we see one. Street, park or studio, Superga trainers are made for comfort and style, with colourways to suit any taste. Whether it’s a pop of colour on the tongue, a snake-skin effect finish or reflective rose gold coating, we’re living for these eye-catching styles that actually feel good on too.

Key Styles:

Looking for a versatile trainer for any activity? The Superga 2750 Cotu Classic is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Okay, it’s been around a while (over a century to be exact) but that’s testament to its comfortable fit, durable construction and timeless style. Shopping, school-run or commute, the Cotu’s strong canvas upper remains breathable on warm days and looks good with everything.


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