Innermost Nutrition

Forget the mumbo jumbo; Innermost Nutrition makes nutrition, clear, effective and exciting. It was founded to inspire people to live their best lives through better health and wellbeing with responsibly sourced, low-sugar and GMO-free vegan protein for weight loss, muscle recovery and health.


Innermost Protein for weight loss

Offering a range of products depending on your goal, be it strength, leaning down or maintaining your health, Innermost makes it simple to get the daily recommended amount of protein into your routine. Using an inclusive approach, the brand makes it easy to choose from its delicious range with names that do what they say on the tin; such as The Health One, The Strong One and The Lean One. Formulated in-house by clinical nutritionists, the brand uses evidence-based research to create its some of the best whey protein and vegan protein around. Whizz one up and see for yourself.

What makes it different:

You won’t find any additives, colours, fillers or GMOs in Innermost Nutrition’s products, only the best whey protein, casein, and anti-inflammatory properties designed to aid recovery and assist with muscle development. Utilising natural flavours, firm favourites chocolate and vanilla make an appearance in this collection, which can be blended with milks, smoothies or water for a powerful post-workout snack. You can even get an extra dose of protein into your baked treats for a balanced way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Why we love it:

Innermost Nutrition understands us. They’ve ditched the long list of unexplained ingredients you might normally find in protein powders to bring refreshing clarity to a busy (and often confusing) market. We love that it’s not all about body image, but more about how you feel, with responsibly-sourced concoctions that focus, above all, on health. So you can maximise your gains, without compromising on digestion, texture or flavour.