ASICS philosophy is this: Anima Sana In Corpore Sano. It's Latin, silly. It means "a sound mind in a sound body" and with over 65 years of excellence, we'd say they've earned a sound reputation. It's no wonder their first-class footwear impresses enthusiasts and professional athletes alike.


ASICS's Men's Running Shoes

From a small basketball shoe maker to a globally-renowned brand, ASICS continues to push boundaries. It’s a go-to for marathon runners, athletes and Olympians alike thanks to its commitment to performance, technology and space-age thinking. Its designs have changed the trainer market (and some may say the history of sport) irrevocably, with trainers that promise more bounce, agility, cushioning and comfort. It can only be ASICS.

Where it all began:

Before the name ASICS was adopted in 1977, the brand was known as Onitsuka Co. Ltd, after its Japanese founder Kihachiro Onitsuka. On a mission to improve morale in a post-war Japan, Onitsuka created one of the first basketball shoes in 1949, a feat of engineering at the time and one of the most complex shoes to produce. Never content, he continued to develop further, adding gripping suction cups on the bottom of trainers, inspired by an octopus he saw one night at dinner. Today, the brand’s creations are a common fixture on marathon routes, in Olympic villages and sport courts worldwide. And to think it all could have been different had octopus not been on the menu…

Built on innovation:

ASICS is a brand with Vision. Always one step ahead (no pun intended) of the competition, it’s bought some of the biggest innovations to market over the last several decades. ASICS men’s running shoes features some of the brands most ingenious innovations, such as Gel Lyte: a cushioning element that absorbs shock whilst remaining lightweight. Then there’s the foam insoles; another ultra-light addition for high performance, low impact running. ASICS Gel Kayano even features a cool mesh lining, while the Gel Nimbus has a 360 fluid skin upper which adapts to the shape of your feet.